A Video Installation for the Fishmarket Gallery Northampton April 2008

Excavations is a short, digitally animated sequence inspired by historical and archaeological evidence that positions the present Fishmarket above the site of a medieval synagogue in what was once the heart of Northampton's Jewish quarter. 

This animation forms the latest collaborative work from Northampton based artists Jonathan Alibone and Alexander Small, and represents only one aspect of their continuing project to critically explore the social and cultural significance of the site and surrounding area.

'[G]iven the Fishmarket's proposed demolition, it felt necessary to reflect on our changing urban landscape. The Fishmarket [...] provides an appropriate metaphor for the cyclical nature of history; its rupture and continuity revealed in not only the physical environment, but also in the less tangible realms of religious belief and culture.'

Excavations is the first part of their ongoing project Articulating History.

Conceived and produced by Jonathan Alibone and Alexander Small.

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