Installation for Illumini's Secret Subterranean London Event London, Shoreditch Town Hall September 2010

In 1953, the ancient Roman remains of the Temple of Mithras were discovered on what was once the east bank of the river Walbrook, one of the historic lost rivers of London. Invictus (‘unconquered’) is an installation that incorporates light and movement in the recasting of the rituals and mythological significance of the mystery cult of Mithras as an allegory for the loss and gradual disappearance of London’s lesser known rivers and watercourses. Invictus is thus an expression of transience and ephemerality, a vanitas among the debris and vestiges of classical beliefs and civilisation.

'Invictus' Installation by Jonathan Alibone and Alexander Small

'Invictus' Installation Detail - Dripping Liquid on Bath

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